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The midterms are just two weeks away and it feels like every commercial on TV is a political ad.

 Some ads are negative, some are wacky or outrageous, while others simply stick to the political talking points.

But do they get voters to the polls?

Our Washington correspondent Jessica Smith reported on the situation.

It’s that time of year when political ads are taking over your TV and your social media timelines.

“As we get closer to Election Day, you’re starting to see ads ramp up the rhetoric,” said Jason Mollica, American University.

Advertising expert Jason Mollica says candidates are pulling out all the stops to try and stand out, especially when voters are overwhelmed with political content on tv and on social media.

“The more outlandish, the more sort of attention-getting it is. You need to get eyes on it,” said Mollica.

But Political Consultant Joe Fuld with “The Campaign Workshop,” says ads still need to explain where candidates stand on the issues.

“If you can do something that engages and entertains as well as informs, you can make a big difference,” said Fuld.

“Those are things even though they’re republican, you have a democrat saying it…that gets people thinking,” said Mollica.

Fuld says there’s no perfect formula, but he says what won’t work, are false attacks.

“In the end voters are smart,” said Fuld.

Still experts warn voters not to rely solely on ads when making your decision on who to support.

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