Everett rifle team wins third state championship

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The Everett Area High School Rifle Team is aiming for perfection.

The team is now celebrating not just one, not two, but three state championships.

“This is a huge mental sport without a shadow of a doubt,” Ethan Cessna, head coach, said. “Anyone can come in and shoot. It’s taking it to the next level and getting to the mental state to take shot after shot and let the bad shots go.”

Senior Luke Brambley is this year’s top scorer in Pennsylvania.

Brambley shot a 578/600. He told us he tries not to let the pressure get to him.

“I really try not to think about anything and keep into the habit of being consistent,” Brambley explained.

They make it look easy, but they’ve put in a lot of time. Most have been practicing their skill since before they even hit high school.

“I was always around shooting when I was younger,” Camden Donahoe, said. “I went hunting with my father and when he asked me if I wanted to shoot indoor competitively as part of the junior club I said, ‘sure, why not? I’ll take any chance I can get.'”

It may be a winter sport, but it’s a year-round commitment. The entire team puts in a lot of time so they can call themselves three-time state champions.

“I think a ton of our success comes from the commitment level of these athletes,” Coach Cessna, said.

The team is made up of 17 students from both Bedford and Everett High School, but only four participated in the state championship.

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