Employees at Ward Trucking receive active shooter training

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Altoona-based company, Ward Trucking, is making sure its employees are prepared for an active shooter situation.

The company hired Gittings Protective Security, to train employees through a demonstration. Gittings Protective Security has also previously shown employees proper evasion procedures.

Vice President of Corporate Planning and Development, Bill Ward Jr. said the training is a necessary part of keeping employees safe. “Unfortunately, we live in a very unsafe world these days,” Ward stated, adding, “We as a family company care about our employees here. We have almost 1,400 employees company wide. We care very much about their safety.”

Bubba Fatula, with Gittings Protective Security said the message with the training is simple. “I want them to come away with the idea that you don’t have to be ex-military, ex-law enforcement to survive a crisis. Everybody can learn how to run, hide, and fight,” Fatula adds, “You have to have a plan before it begins and that’s the key.”

Ward Trucking also plans to hold more training events for family members of employees in the future, as long as there is enough interest.

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