Employee says local post office remains a toxic environment

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Another case of discrimination has stemmed from a post office in Port Matilda.

In March it was a Hispanic postal worker, who was being targeted.

Now, it’s an employee with a form of autism.

WTAJ spoke with staff at the post office who say one thing is to blame for this vicious cycle–poor management.

Concerned employees at the Port Matilda Post Office say the workplace remains a toxic environment.

An employee who asked to remain anonymous, said discrimination takes place daily and management doesn’t take any action to stop it.

“The unfair treatment is astounding,” they said.

This month an employee with Asperger’s gave his two-weeks notice.

The employee we spoke to said it’s because he suffered emotional and verbal abuse at work.

“He tries to help everyone out but he’s constantly overloaded with work and is allowed to be harassed by the Post Master. She just allows a lot of the harassment to go without punishment,” they said.

They explained that they saw first-hand the poor treatment that’s lead to suicidal thoughts and depression for their co-worker.

Two factors that can make life in and out of work overwhelming, especially for someone on the Autism spectrum.

“It’s very depressing, it’s very hard to see good people being treated so unfairly,” they said.

They went on to explain that even public mail has been tampered with to make work for others more difficult.

“Some people find that you can get others in trouble if you hide packages, so they miss their scan and don’t know where there package is…It’s manipulation, and it can get them in trouble. It can get them fired,” they said.

WTAJ  reached out to the United State Postal Service for a response.

While they did not have any inquiries about the specific case or comment on the the Port Matilda office specifically, Tad Kelley, a spokesman for USPS sent a written statement:

“We take any allegations of mistreatment seriously and investigate them fully. All employees are entitled to a workplace environment free of harassment and intimidation. Our goal is always a workplace where all employees are respected and valued.”

The employee with Aspergers has officially left the job, but staff says it’s important to tell the story to hopefully prevent anymore suffering at the Port Matilda Post Office.

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