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One county in our region is looking for the public’s help for clean up from last week’s storm. 

Huntingdon County EMA Director, John Cirko says they don’t have a system to track damages from the storm last week.

He’s asking residents across the county to call the office to report any fallen trees or property damage. 

Cirko says that many of the issues from the storm county wide involve fallen branches and fallen trees. 

Cirko wants residents to call the EMA office about these issues so that the county can track down the problems and submit a report to Harrisburg in an attempt to get some emergency money. 

Cirko also stresses the importance of alerting the county to down trees that affect power lines. 

He says it can be unsafe for residents to cut down trees with out help from the power company. 

“The power company doesn’t just come out and cut the power and fix it for you,” explained Cirko. “They have a set  procedure that they do, it’s something call a cut and run. What it is they’ll come through and cut all the power so people can start their clean up. Then they come back through and they start connecting again.”

Cirko says a report was already submitted to PEMA but the department still wants a record of all problems from the storm. 

If you have damage to report in Huntingdon county you can called the EMA office at 814-643-6613.

For more information on the department click here

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