Election Security Set for Centre County

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The November elections will be next week and the Centre County Board of Elections is guaranteeing voters there votes will be safe.

“Our voting systems are secure and your vote will be properly counted,” Natalie Bird, Executive Assistant, for the Centre County Board of Commissioners, said.

She says a recent nationwide poll shows almost 80 percent of Americans are at least somewhat concerned that the nation’s voting systems might be vulnerable to hackers.  

“Centre County’s voting machines do not – and cannot – connect to the internet in any way and there is nothing to suggest our machines have ever been tampered with,” Bird said.

She says all the county’s voting machines are maintained by “a strict documented chain of custody from beginning to end.”

Before an election the machines are programed, tested and sealed.  Backups are also prepared in case of a malfunction.

Each polling spot has a emergency plan in case of machine malfunctioning.

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