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Thanks to new regulations that took effect Monday, when you eat out, you’ll be able to find out a lot more about the food you’re eating. The rule changes from the Food and Drug Administration affect restaurants, drive-throughs, take-out places, snacks sold in movie theaters, and even vending machines owned by companies with 20 or more locations.

Now, their menus or signs will tell you the calories , fat, sodium, sugar, carbohydrates, fiber and protein you’re taking in. Will you be paying attention?

As you might expect from the name, Mama Randazzo’s in Altoona is known for Italian food, but when we stopped by during the lunch hour on Monday, grilled chicken salad was a hot item

Other favorite choices menu items?

“The chicken cutlet with their sauce, their  marinara red sauce is very good, and they make excellent meatballs, great big meatballs and their salads are very good,” said patron Lory Fullington,   

Since it’s not a chain restaurant Mamma Randazzo’s doesn’t have to post nutrition requirements, but  Paul Randazzo, who co-owns the business with his mother, wouldn’t mind revealing the information.

He explained, “I think we’d be at the average or below the average of your standard fast food restaurant. I’d happily put one of  our salads up there.”

Patrons told us they do look at calorie and other nutrition info when it’s available, but it’s not a deciding factor when it comes to their eventual choices.

As Mike Fullington puts it, “if I want something, if it’s if it’s 900 calories I’m gonna get it.”
Paul Randazzo says he wouldn’t be surprised if the regulations eventually trickle down to mom and pop shops and he thinks that would be a good thing.  

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