CLAYSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Claysburg community is about to hold its 88th annual Memorial Day celebration. The “Come, Salute and Honor Our Veterans” service is one of the strongest traditions in Claysburg.

Diana Walter-Dively has been the Presenter of the ceremony for more than 30 years and says it’s important to continue the tradition of honoring veterans.

“My dad was a POW in World War II for 454 days and he’s not the only one,” said Walter-Dively. “There’s many and if I go about and as I go about the cemetery on Sunday, it really touches my heart and I know there’s many more like my dad and if it wouldn’t be for those guys from World War II, I would not be standing here and neither would you with our freedom.”

A special dedication will be taking place this year with sophomore Eagle Scout Kasey Mosser presenting a brand new memorial to honor those who served our country. Mosser took on the project a year ago and had to raise $6,000, but he was determined to complete it.

“It is a memorial for the first responders and the veterans in the local area.” said Mosser. “And I just think it’s been a very eye opener to me that we never had something like this for our comrades and our first responders.”

The memorial has two sides to it, one which has the branches of military and the other side recognizes all branches of first responders. Being able to dedicate this memorial is something that really hits home for Moser.

“My grandparents and my great grandparents have all been in the wars and they just haven’t gotten the respect they deserved.” Mosser said. “We have really good friends in the first responders community that we just thought that it all needed to come together and have a memorial and thank them for it.”

The service will begin at 10:00 am Monday morning, with the dedication of the memorial beginning around 11:00 am.