ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Huntingdon duo was busted with bundles of heroin in Altoona just days after the alleged supplier for one of them was arrested.

Altoona police arrested 24-year-old Noah Hess and 22-year-old Mackenzie Chaney after both came into the city June 10, reportedly to deal heroin with an informant.

According to police, they heard Hess on a phone call with the informant about being on the run and being scared after their supplier, identified in the complaint as Malik Hill, was arrested in front of his house just days before. Hess said he was already getting “back in action” and would come to the person’s house, according to the complaint.

Police then set up to catch Hess when they spotted him and Chaney in a blue Nissan Altima.

Hess and Chaney reportedly ignored the house he was supposed to be at and was found at Rutter’s where police said they watched him get out and talk to a man and woman in an SUV then get into the backseat and drive away.

When police pulled them over, he reportedly admitted to seeing a white cop car near the house so he stopped at Rutter’s to ask someone for a ride. Hess also told police there were drugs in the Nissan at Rutters where Chaney was waiting.

A traffic stop was also done on the Nissan near Broad Ave and 25th Street. Police detained Chaney and discovered a bundle of heroin in the door and a case in the trunk with six more bundles of heroin and paraphernalia. In all, 70 stamp bags were found in the car.

Chaney denied knowing there were drugs in the car but reportedly admitted to putting the case in the trunk after Hess gave it to her.

Hess was arrested on his warrants and now faces new drug charges. Chaney was released that day in June but was also recently arrested and charged.

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Chaney was released on $50,000 secured bail while Hess was placed in Blair County Prison on $100,000 cash.

As for Hess’ alleged supplier, Malik Hill, he is also in the Blair County Prison unable to post bail.