BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Two Bedford County men are facing charges after police say they admitted to a burglary, but each claims the other person was the ‘mastermind’ behind everything.

State police arrested Jimmy Joe Daniel, 43, and Brady Justin Wayde, 27, Wednesday, May 11 after an anonymous tip led them to over $14,000 worth of stolen merchandise from a man’s cabin back in April.

According to court papers, the victim of the cabin on Turner Camp Road in Juniata Township called police on May 5 and told them he arrived at the cabin and noticed it was broken into, wires were cut, and items were missing. The victim reported kayaks, electric bikes, lawn equipment, tools, kitchenware, chains, and more were taken, totaling an estimated $14,480 with more than $2,500 in damage.

An anonymous tip led police to Daniel and the home he was living in. A woman at the home allowed police into the house and showed them Jimmy’s room and various items around the house that he claimed he found in a dumpster. Police said all items matched the list of stolen items from the victim.

When interviewed, Daniel admitted to being there the night of the burglary, but he was just there to pick up Brady Wayde, who needed a ride. He said he found Wayde in the middle of the road and was told to back into a driveway. He claims Wayde began to load the back of his truck but he didn’t help or set foot in the cabin.

Police then interviewed Brady Wayde who claims he was picked up by Daniel but was told he had something he had to do first and Daniel proceeded to pull into a driveway and load his truck with various items from the cabin. Wayde said he stepped into the cabin but didn’t touch or take anything.

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Both men were arrested and arraigned Wednesday evening. They are currently both facing felony burglary and trespassing charges.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 25. Both men are in Bedford County Prison on $200,000 bail.