BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)– Over two dozen Duncansville residents voiced their opinions at Monday’s council meeting over the proposed bridge project by resident Dave Brenneman.

Brenneman and his wife presented their bridge project to the council in March 2021. It would be a private connecting bridge between their properties on 11th street and the other side of Gillans Run Creek. However, Brenneman said this would be open to emergency vehicle services.

“We would like to have private access to that property we own,” Brenneman said. “We also like to open up emergency services vehicles to ourselves and the other residents on Vineyard Lane.”

The bridge project would have to raise 11th street by nearly two feet to function. Due to that circumstance, neighbors came forward with their worries about potential flooding. The area where it’s being proposed is prone to high flooding.

Residents of 11th street were nervous about how much the flooding could affect their properties. Beth Castel, who lives on the street, was vocal that they’re not opposed to the bridge but troubled by any potential effect.

“The fact that they now have to raise the grade of 11th street by two feet,” Castel said. It’s already a flood-prone area, and we feel the residents on the street that it’s going to make matters worse. So that’s our concerns.”

This project is being solely funded by Brenneman and his wife, making him liable for any potential harm to others’ houses. He said that all the statements noted at the meeting were valid.

“I believe the comments are fair,” Brenneman said. “The folks along 11th street have suffered flooding, and they have a valid concern to mitigate by any means possible future flooding to their residents, it’s possible.”

Monday’s meeting marked the third time Brenneman approached the council to approve his project. However, the council did not take any action due to needing further clarifications.

Brenneman was asked to bring his engineer for the project to next month’s meeting. Residents and council hope to have the engineer clear up gray areas not defined through the presentation.

“I’m glad that they’re bringing in the engineer for Mr. Brenneman to give the residents a little bit more detail about what their proposal is,” Castel said. “And what the impact on our properties are going to be.”

Brenneman hopes that the project can move forward once the engineer provides information. Council’s next work session is scheduled for Monday, Feb 14.

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