DuBois middle school closed for mold concerns

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DuBois Area Middle School closed Thursday for mold concerns, just one week after DuBois Area High School closed because of the same issue.

Professional cleaning at the middle school began Thursday morning.

Twelve classrooms and the two cafeterias inside were identified to have high amounts of mold spores.

All the schools in the district were tested after mold was found in the high school last week.

District Superintendent Luke Lansberry said deciding to test the schools was a proactive approach because of the high amount of rain and humidity this summer.

“People just need to be aware that it’s everywhere, that it’s all around us, and it’s actually higher now in the outdoor air than it’s ever been,” Lansberry said. “So we’re just making sure we’re taking care of the indoor air. We control that.”

High school students returned to class Thursday.

The district will work with the State Department of Education to consider their options for how to make up the missed days.

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