DuBois man heads to Texas with Red Cross to aid in Hurricane Harvey aftermath

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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, people are lending aid in every way they can, which includes DuBois.  One resident is currently en route to give a helping hand to those who lost everything nearly 15 hundred miles away.

The engine is checked and ready to go, in the Red Cross vehicle Monday morning in DuBois. Gene Grzeda is packing is up to head to Texas. “I’m anxious to get there and do what I can,” explains the volunteer.

This is Grzeda’s first trip volunteering for a national disaster. After seeing the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, he knew he had to help. 

“They’ve lost everything. for me to deploy down there for a few weeks to help out is a small effort to what these people are going through,” explains Grzeda. 

After getting specialized training, he’ll spend two weeks in the hardest hit areas. Right now, there’s more than 18 hundred people that are sheltered by the Red Cross.

“It’s very humbling to be able to work for an organization that volunteers are willing to deploy at a moments notice,” says

 disaster specialist Beth Sawyer. 

Packed in the back of the truck- are warming containers to keep food hot for families who may not know where their next meal will come from, Saywer explains. “Whether it’s giving out that bottled water or a snack, just seeing the smiles on people’s faces it is absolutely worth it.”

After Grzeda checked off his final to-do lists, HE’S OFF TO put the 15 hundred mile drive behind him. “Knowing that you’re helping people, it’s well worth it,” explains Grzeda. The Red Cross is always looking for volunteers, however for those unable to travel, donations are accepted at the Red Cross Website. 

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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