Drugs, resisting arrest, contraband lead to Clearfield woman’s arrest

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CLEARFIELD, Pa (WTAJ) — A Clearfield woman was arrested and arraigned after police say she was in possession of drugs, got physical with officers and medical staff, resisted arrest and tried to smuggle drugs into Clearfield County Jail.

Police report that Amanda Moore, 35, was seen in the area of Hill Street when police arrived in the area on January 9, 2020. They report they were called to the area because someone was knocking on doors and asking to see people’s electric bills to offer them discounts.

Moore was seen outside of an abandoned building with papers in her hand. When the officer turned the car around to go back to that building, Moore was gone. Police followed snow tracks to a small open door under the building and say the person inside refused to come out.

After entering, the police instructed the woman to show her hands, but she refused to pull them from her pants. Officers were able to get her out from under the building and identified her as Amanda Moore.

After placing Moore in cuffs and attempting to search her, she continued to try and get her hands down her pants. No drugs or weapons were found and they were able to cuff her and get her in the back of a police car. Moore kept struggling to get down her pants when police decided to take her to Clearfield County Jail for a thorough search.

Once there, she was taken to a private room and strip-searched. A female officer located a bag of pills that ended up being amphetamine, dextroamphetamine, and clonazepam. The female officer also told the arresting officer that she noticed a string hanging from inside Moore’s body, but Moore refused to pull it out.

After being taken to Penn Highlands Moore started fighting with medical staff and kept putting her handcuffed hands down her pants. Police say she finally removed her hands and one officer noticed a small balloon in one of them. Moore got combatant and the balloon went missing. Staff and officers were unable to locate it.

Moore was taken back to the jail.

On January 15, 2019, the arresting officer went to talk with Moore and read her her rights. Moore told the officer that she was on meth that day and was not in the right state of mind. She attempted to hide drugs inside her body and was not aware of there being felony charges for smuggling them into jail.

Moore admitted the balloon she swallowed as an 8-ball of methamphetamine and that she had not passed it through her system yet.

Moore is facing charges for contraband, possession of a control substance, resisting arrest, tampering with physical evidence, obstruction, disorderly conduct, harassment, public drunkenness, and other relating charges.

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