Drug analyzer tool donated to Clearfield County law enforcement

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TruNarc Drug Analyzer machine that was purchased for the use of law enforcement in Clearfield County.

CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. — District Attorney Ryan Sayers announced Thursday that thanks to a generous donation, the law enforcement community of Clearfield County will have a new tool in the fight against drugs, the TruNarc Drug Analyzer.

The machine is a handheld spectrometer that uses a laser to test for the presence of illegal substances. The TruNarc does not require officers to make direct contact with the substance in most cases, which better protects officers due to some illegal substances` ability to be absorbed directly through the skin and potentially harm officers.

Additionally, this machine should speed up the prosecution of drug-related cases because officers will not have to send drugs away to a laboratory for preliminary hearing purposes. The process of sending to a lab can take weeks to get results and the testing costs taxpayers a substantial amount of money each year. Now officers can have results within minutes and there are no additional costs.

(Front row, L to R) DuBois City Chief Blaine Clark; Curwensville Borough Sgt. Mark Kelly; PSP Clearfield Sgt. Michael Gray; Mrs. Brenda Grice; Mr. Tom Grice; and District Attorney Ryan Sayers; (Back row, L to R) PSP Troop C Lt. Greg Kunselman; Sandy Township Sgt. Josh Johnson; PSP Troop C Commander Captain Wayne Kline; Clearfield Borough Chief Vince McGinnis; Sheriff Michael Churner; PSP DuBois Sgt Justine Jones; and Lawrence Township Chief Doug Clark.

“It is truly a blessing to have people and businesses in Clearfield County that are willing to help fund law enforcement initiatives,” said District Attorney Sayers. “I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Grice for their generous donation to make this tool available to the officers in this county. With the TruNarc in use, this should help protect our officers from direct contact with these dangerous substances and ease the burden on taxpayers.”

The TruNarc will be housed at the Clearfield Borough Police Department and accessible to all six municipal police departments in the county, plus the Sheriff`s Department and the Pennsylvania State Police.

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