Dog sweaters: Keep your dog warm or just for fashion?

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With those cold temperatures sticking around, many of us see dogs in the neighborhood wearing those little sweaters. But do they actually keep them warm or is it just for fashion?

Pet owners are reminded to watch their pets when they are outside in their yard or out for a walk.

“I think what is important in our area, especially these last couple of days, there’s a lot of ice on the ground so we’re seeing a lot of lacerated and cut paw pads from the ice and so just be mindful if they out walk and crushing the ice,” Dr. Kayla Whitfield, veterinarian at Lakemont Veterinary Clinic, said.

And those little jackets and sweaters do keep the dogs warm, but paws and ears are what owners should be focusing on.

“It’s also important to keep in mind that the majority of their contact is by their feet, walking around on these frigid, cold, freezing grounds and they also lose a lot of heat through their thin ears and through their head,” Whitfield said.

With the ice and salt covering many local sidewalks, owners need to check their dog’s paws after coming back from a walk.

“If you are our walking your dog or a brief stroll to go potty and they do get some of that salt or ice in their feet, it can cause a lot of burns and redness and irritation,” Whitfield said.

A lot of dogs enjoy playing outside in the snow, but don’t leave them out for too long.

There are laws in place for keeping dogs outside for certain amounts of time. According the Libre’s law, when it’s 32 degrees or lower, your dog cannot stay outside longer than 30 minutes.

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