Do mid-term candidates need entertainment value to win?

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State College, Pa- WTAJ spoke with Penn State Professor of Communications Bob Trumpbour, who spoke about President Trump’s potential impact on the upcoming mid-term elections.

“One of the unique things about president trump is that he came from a world of entertainment, so he’s learned how to manage the press on the entertainment side, while deflecting on the news side,” Trumpbour said.

He believes President Trump’s understanding of entertainment is forcing other political candidates to follow suit.

“I think the folks who may be a little less entertaining and more introspective and thoughtful about issues may actually be at a disadvantage at times. And that should probably trouble some Americans in terms of the future of democracy… We don’t necessarily need an entertainer in chief”

The President feels he hasn’t served as entertainer in chief… and says what his conduct is mild.

“I think I’ve been toned down if you want to know the truth, I could really tone it up because as you know the media has been really unfair to me and the Republican Party,” President Trump said.

But Trumpbour and political pundits say it will be interesting to see how moderate voters cast their ballot next week.

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