BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A disabled veteran was living in a damaged home in Altoona when a local roofing company, LR Roofing Systems, reached out to help.

“The city was getting involved and she was concerned about losing her house,” says Laurence Rissler, owner of LR Roofing Systems.

He says he received a phone call from the woman and immediately felt compelled to give her a new roof.

“The first conversation we had was at least an hour long and I told my wife that we’re going to figure out a way to help this lady,” says Rissler.

Rissler says the woman’s house was passed down from her grandmother and she lived there with her husband while he was alive.

“She’s very sentimental, very attached to it,” says Rissler.

Rissler says her husband also served on the Altoona Police Department.

Rissler looked to the community for volunteers and donors who would also feel called to give back. The Altoona Area Business Community is one organization that came forward and committed to funding some of the project.

“So many times we see that veterans are not really given what they’re due, and sometimes, like in this situation, their home fell into disrepair,” says LaVonne Falbo, president of the Altoona Area Business Community.

They are also accepting monetary donations through their PayPal address,, to go toward expenses.

Thanks to their joint efforts, the project begins tomorrow.

Rissler says they have a small crew of people helping tomorrow, but they’re still looking for more volunteers to help next Saturday, the 23rd, beginning at 8:30 AM. He says they will welcome any boards for the repairs as well.