Democrats: Election ran smoothly in Pennsylvania

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(WTAJ) — It’s been nearly a week since Election Day, and only two days since Joe Biden was projected as the 46th President, Pennsylvania giving him that final push mainly through mail-in ballots.

But ballots are still being counted, and lawsuits being filed.

As republican lawmakers request an audit, democrats said this election ran smoothly.

Representative Scott Conklin (D, 77), said every state in the country is still counting ballots right now, including Texas.

He added there were opportunities to make the election process easier for the Commonwealth before we got to November 3rd, like early canvassing mail-in ballots, which did not pass the State house last month.

Speaking as a former Centre County Commissioner, Conklin said the system in place now is practically foolproof.

“It’s done securely. It’s done legally. And there is almost no issues of fraud. The only drag in the process is what this legislative body of Pennsylvania put in place to cause that drag. Because we can look at other states that do it perfect, and we can bring ourselves up to that standard,” he said.

Conklin said me if the audit of the election comes back, and there was fraud, that person or people should be prosecuted.

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