BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – DelGrosso’s Amusement Park‘s Summer Thunder is back for the park’s 75th anniversary celebration on Monday, and the park is taking the time to set up the fireworks.

Over 2,500 firework shells ranging from three to 10 inches were placed in designated areas according to the show’s script.

“We never really count. We just load them,” said Joe DelGrosso, CEO of DelGrosso Foods. “The whole show is a mix of [five] different sites being shot simultaneously.”

The park takes about four days prior to Independence Day to complete the setup.

Marketing and Events Director Amy Mearkle said the middle of the show will have a break to commemorate the park’s “Diamond Anniversary” for 75 years running.

“You’ll actually during that moment hear from Mafalda DelGrosso, the founder of the park,” Mearkle said. “She did an interview for our 50th anniversary 25 years ago, and she talked about what she hoped the future would bring. So it’s neat to hear her voice in that.”

Mearkle added the show is a year-long commitment.

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“The planning for next year starts the night after the show,” Mearkle said. “As soon as the show is over, everybody sits down, and you talk about what happened, and you’re thinking about the next year.”

DelGrosso and Mearkle said to expect new surprises in this year’s show.