Delgrosso’s holds 31st Annual Italian and Heritage Festival

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BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)- Patrons got to indulge in some classic Italian favorites at the 31st annual Delgrosso’s Italian and Heritage festival Sunday. The event took place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Six vendors came to serve and sell some of their most popular items sold at their locations. The vendors ranged from wines and bread to classic Italian pastries. President and CEO of Delgrosso’s, Carl Crider, says this festival is part of their heritage. They’re always happy to see the crowd.

“Our heritage is all Italian making spaghetti sauce for 70 something years and so forth,” Crider said. “Having the park for 75, 74th this year, 75th next year. Yea, it falls right into everything we are.”

Crider also says that many of the vendors are familiar with Delgrosso’s Italian heritage. The festive atmosphere persuades most of them to return year after year.

“For 31 years, we’ve been doing the festival. So a lot of them know us,” Crider said. “Then a lot of them do come in from out of town like the Pittsburgh region.”

Besides the food, the festival did feature a popular Italian musician from New York. Then, folks were able to also able to enjoy the numerous attractions that the park has.

One vendor that has been attending the festival since the start is Pacifico Bakery. This is a family bakery based out of Altoona. A familiar face that is a part of the bakery is Altoona mayor Matt Pacifico. He is a fourth-generation within the family.

Pacifico used to work within the bakery when they first started attending the festival. Now, he’s in there with his grandmother and family working the booth serving Italian food lovers.

“The crowd has been awesome all day today,” Pacifico said. “The lines have been moving fairly well. It’s nice to see so many people out here enjoying the rides on this beautiful weekend.”

An item that has become a bakery staple at the festival is their bruschetta. The bruschetta is homemade with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, garlic, and olive oil. Guests had the option to have the bruschetta be placed on ciabatta or separately.

The bruschetta is only served once a year at the Italian festival. Pacifico said that it’s great to have another Italian business be opened the same year. Both Delgrosso’s and Pacifico Bakery opened in the late 1940s.

“Having a fellow Italian business here in Blair County that we have grown through the years,” Pacifico said. “It’s a great relationship we have with them.”

The most popular item sold at the festival was the lasagna and meatballs.

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