Defendant testifies in Penn State professor murder trial

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Some shocking testimony came out Thursday as the murder trial of a Penn State professor continued. 

Danelle Geier and George Ishler are both charged in Ronald Bettig’s death. 

During Geier’s testimony, she told the jury the reason why she was scared of Ishler is because he threatened her but also told her he killed his mother. 

An eerie silence fell over the courtroom several times as Geier paused lengthy periods of times and had to be reminded by her lawyer to answer the questions about what happened the night Bettig fell at the quarry. 

She told the jury Ishler said the professor was transplanting pot plants and they had to go back to his house to get supplies. 

When they got to Bettig’s house she said that’s when she noticed a cut and pebbles on Ishler’s knee. 

When she asked about it, he told her it was none of her business but she she pressed him. 

That’s when she said Ishler told her multiple stories — the first being that he pushed Bettig off the cliff and then one where the professor stepped back, then once again that he pushed him. 

She said after that, Ishler threatened to kill her and her son. 

She also told the jury that Ishler said this isn’t the first time he killed someone, and killed his mother by using fentanyl and no one would ever know. 

Court is expected to begin again Friday morning.

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