Deer hunting season officially opens

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While the weather was not great on the first day of deer hunting season, many went out with friends and family to make those lasting memories in the woods.

Deer hunting is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Everyone has a favorite memory, usually from growing up.

“Probably when I was younger, hunting with my dad, digging in the hole and the snow was up to your waist, but that was back in the 80s, but yeah. I was always shivering and him giving ya a black cup of coffee and you’d cherish that coffee because it was warm, you know,” Edwin Howard, a hunter from Altoona said.

Whether it was your first season or you had a few under your belt, hunting is a great way for a father and his child to bond in a unique way.

This is the eight year that Bob Gattrell and his son, Braden, hunted together. They said they love spending this time together, away from distractions.

“Just spending time together, just being in the woods together, and you get it just talk about things that you don’t normally talk about, and memories that only you and your son share,” Bob Gattrell said.

Some hunters got a buck or two and took them to a butcher to get prepared. 

Tom Gearhart, of Gearhart’s Meats and Country Store, started butchering deer decades ago. He said the rain made an impact on the amount of deer brought into his store on Monday.

“We’re at 22 deer right now. It’s early, so it’ll be slower because of the rain, but it’s a long season,” Gearhart said.

As for the weather on Monday, hunters faced cold and rainy conditions, but they did not care.

“I don’t care what it’s doing out, people are gonna be out, true deer hunters. Even if you’re gonna get wet, you can always go and dry off, and change your clothes,” Howard said.

If a hunter wants their deep in time for  the holidays, Gearhart said to bring it to the shop by Friday. 

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