Deer collisions cause more damage than you think

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BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — According to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, the Commonwealth had the second highest rate of car accidents involving deer in the country in 2018.

Damage can cost you thousands of dollars, even totaling your car, and with new, expensive safety technology now within many of our cars, hitting a deer can do more than just leave a dent your hood.

Ron Perretta, owner of Professionals Auto Body, said there always seems to be several cars in his shop that have been in an accident with a deer.

“Don’t just assume that all you have is cosmetic damage. We see an awful lot of damage that doesn’t look so bad, but then, when you open it up, it becomes more severe,” he said.

He added that the amount of safety technology in cars today can make hitting a deer into a total loss or an extremely expensive repair.

“You got airbags that come out of both sides, the passenger’s and the driver’s side. You got airbags that come out of the door panels, so a deer claim can cause severe damage to the vehicle,” he said.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission said deer are most active at dawn and dusk. Between hunting and rutting season, deer are very active this time of year. With daylight saving time ending on Sunday, more drivers will be on the road during these peak hours.

“Being alert, slowing down, staying the speed limit, watch the signs that show where deer do typically come out, you just gotta pay attention and not be distracted,” Perretta said.

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