Dangers of cloudy headlights

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If you’re preparing for holiday traveling there’s one thing you might overlook. your headlights.  If you haven’t checked your headlights there’s a good chance they could be putting you in harms way on the road.
New AAA studies show cloudy headlights like this one only put out 20% of the light a brand new headlight puts out.
“PA roads with all the stones hitting them driving down roads, salt in the Winter,” Tyler Menges, Collision Repair Technician, for Karch Auto, said.
Conditions like this plus the Sun’s UV rays and wet weather can cause your headlights to start clouding up .
Menges says having cloudy headlights make you more likely to get in a wreck.
“It can affect your reaction time, cause’ you won’t see an object in the road nearly as quick as you should, cause’ you can’t see as far or as well.”
To fix it, first sandpaper your headlight.
“Just try and get rid of some of the haziness and yellow before hitting it with the compound.”
Then. buff it out. 

“There’s lots of products out there like headlight, some sort of cream, it’s kind of like a rubbing compound, what we would use,” Tyler Menges, Collision Repair Technician for Karch Auto, said,
After a quick a polish, wipe it away and you’re ready for the road.


To have your headlights sanded down and buffed it costs around $100.  

To have your headlights completely cleared for a more extensive job, that would cost around $200. 

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