Crow harassment in State College

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If you were in downtown State College Friday you may have heard loud noises and seen lights in the sky, but they weren’t gunshots or fireworks…

They were firecrackers shot by the borough’s Public Works team.
That’s because the team is using firecracker shots and lasers to clear crows out of State College’s trees.
Alan Sam, with the borough says this is something the Public Works department needs to do in the early winter every year.

“They do cause a lot of problems though, knocking debris off the tree and causing a lot of unwanted mess on the sidewalks and furniture and cars and things like that, so it actually becomes a health issue and that’s one of the reasons we’re acting,” Alan Sam, Arborist and Sustainability Coordinator for the State College Borough, said.

The Public Works department says crows like to stay in trees surrounded by other trees and people. 
Crews will continue trying to scare the crows away between 6 and 9 pm, next Monday through next Wednesday.

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