A local funeral home is honoring veterans in a unique way.

The Kennedy-Anderson Funeral Home in Cresson is the only place in Cambria and Blair counties to be part of the “Retire Your Flag Program.”

Owner Garrett Anderson knows just how much an American flag means to a veteran.

“My father was a sergeant in the Marine Corp, my grandfather was in the U.S. Army and my sister is currently in the U.S. Air Force,” Anderson told us.

Anderson is collecting flags that can no longer be displayed. They’ll eventually be cremated with those who put their lives on the line to protect our country.

“It’s just something that I feel is my duty to give back to the veteran community,” Anderson said. “The flag holds so much more value to a veteran than it does to a normal civilian.”

A fitting tribute for veterans and one last patriotic duty for the flags.

A piece of “Old Glory” will even be going home with the family who lost their loved one.

“One of the stars is going to be cut out of that flag,” Anderson explained. “It’s going to then be presented to the family with a little certificate of cremation.”

A symbol of America’s pride can now rest forever with the men and women who gave so much to our nation.

If you’d like to donate a flag, there’s a box set up at the American Legion in Cresson.

You can also drop them off at the funeral home located at 233 Keystone Ave, Cresson, PA 16630.