CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — In the midst of a global shortage of workers, employers across the country are looking to fill open positions.

On Tuesday in Centre County, dozens of businesses gathered with the hopes of doing just that.

“The majority of businesses right now are looking to hire. Everybody has job openings, so they’re all looking to recruit,” PA Career Link Business Consultant Cher Harpster said. “For the employers, it’s a good opportunity to get their name out there and have people see them and be aware of the opportunities that they have.”

A career fair at The Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology, co-hosted by Pennsylvania Career Link featured over 45 businesses. Employers pitched themselves to CPI students and Centre County community members.

“We can’t just post and wait for somebody to apply,” UPMC North Central Pennsylvania Recruiter Rachel Zultevicz said. “We have to actually go out there and find the individuals we’re needing and this is the first step in that.”

Recruiters at UPMC have been regularly attending fairs to meet potential hires. Traditional recruitment methods aren’t working, making these events vital in filling roles.

“For about three months now, I’ve actually been doing 1-2 a week,” Zultevicz said. “So we are out here within the communities that we serve. Constantly putting our name out there and a face to the people that they’re going to be working with.”

Asplundh Tree Company used the event to connect with potential hires who are currently learning at CPI.

“It’s good for businesses to get out there and to promote their businesses for employees,” Dan Hill from Asplundh said.

Todd Taylor from CPI was “thrilled” to see so many businesses recruiting at the fair.

“It really shows that people are out and trying to hire and trying to fill their need,” Taylor said. “There’s growth in central PA and we’re coming back from the pandemic. It’s good to have them all out here and partnering in this job event.”