Cow breaks free from farm, damages nearby properties

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It’s not every day police get a call for a bull on the loose, but it’s what happened in Centre County Thursday.

After the cow got out of the farm, it roamed around through this Boalsburg neighborhood and damaged some homes.

Mike and Janice Crocco were enjoying their Thursday afternoon when…
All of a sudden, there was a cow, Mike, said.
In their boalsburg neighborhood.
Looked out the window across the road and saw a cow roaming around, Mike, said.
They’ve seen a few cows escape onto route 322 nearby,  in the past, but never on their street.
This one just seemed to make himself at home, really, Mike said.  Yeah, he came up on the porch, Janice, said.  Yes, Mike said.
They say State College police came quickly, but that didn’t stop the bull from causing damage.
He came over and was licking our lamppost, until he knocked it off, Janice, said.  It will have to be replaced.
Mike was scarred when the bull started coming closer to their home.

I was kind of afraid when he came up to the front door, that he would go down the walkway there in front of the house–that way there’s a lot furniture there he could have destroyed, Mike, said.
The Croccos aren’t sure if their insurance will cover something like this.  They say they didn’t think they would need cow insurance.

The bull also knocked down a lamppost across the street.
Mike and Janice were relieved when the farmers were called and put the cow in a trailer. They were happy the damage wasn’t worse.
Luckily he just turned around and got the heck out of there, Mike, said.
Mike says he hopes the farmer secures the fence, to keep the cow at the farm.
I hope I don’t see another cow in the front yard.

The good news, no one was injured. 

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