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Courthouse celebrates 150th anniversary

BROOKVILLE, JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ)– A crowd gathered in Brookville Friday to celebrate an important building in Jefferson County.

Friday was the 150th anniversary of the Jefferson County Courthouse.

There were a number of events throughout the day showcasing the building’s significance in the county.

“We’ve had tours all day, people in and out of the courthouse, finding out what we do in this temple of justice, what we do for business here, where the records are held, and how the court system does its work,” Jefferson County President Judge John Foradora said.

At noon, a World War II monument was dedicated outside the courthouse.

Friday evening, nine speakers from the county and state gave remarks on just how important the building is.

“Even when we don’t have a celebration like this, we get 1,000 people through the courthouse every day, just living their lives,” commissioner Jack Matson said. “So this is a very important building. Tonight is very special because 150 years ago today was when it was originally dedicated.”

The celebration concluded with a play called The Trial of Judge Heath– reenacting a significant trial in Jefferson County history.

The courthouse was dedicated on Friday, September 13, 1869.

It underwent a major renovation in 1927 and was completely rebuilt in 2009.