BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Newry couple has been arrested after being accused of taking nearly $1,000,000 from their stepmother and also selling her home right out from underneath her.

David Dickman, 45, and Melissa Dickman, 44, are facing multiple felony charges including theft and endangering the welfare of a dependent after being accused of spending nearly 4 years wiping out the stepmother’s bank accounts after her she had a stroke and her husband died.

According to court documents, the two insisted on moving in with the woman after she had a stroke in 2014. Shortly after, in 2015, her husband passed away and that’s when she said Melissa insisted on her and David being her Power of Attorney.

Over the next few years, both David and Melissa allegedly took advantage of the situation and wrote checks not only for themselves but for other people, including paying for someone’s trash service and internet, according to the police investigation. Police noted that three different cars and insurance were also paid for from the woman’s account.

Police were alerted in early 2019 of what might be happening after Blair Senior Services called on behalf of the woman. She told police that the money she had that was certain to last the rest of her life was gone and her bank statement in Dec. 2018 read $0.00.

While investigating with the help of other townships/departments, they discovered and believe that Melissa and David used their power of attorney to take out a mortgage on the woman’s Duncansville house only to later move her into another home, selling her original home and keeping the profits.

All in all, police estimate a real number of $919,049. This number accounts for money spent, money lost, and debt accrued under the woman’s name, including more than $356,000 that was spent with checks made out to “CASH” that they couldn’t trace.

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Both David and Melissa were arraigned July 18 and released from prison on $50,000 bond.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 27.