Coroner to investigate childbirth deaths

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An area coroner has been tapped to be part of a new committee looking into  the rising number of deaths during childbirth in Pennsylvania.

Blair County Coroner Patty Ross is among the coroners, medical examiners, obstetricians, first responders and other  medical personnel,  chosen by Governor Wolf to sit on the maternal mortality committee. Members are charged with reviewing maternal deaths in the state and developing recommendations to reverse the trend.

Governor Wolf says the rate of maternal deaths in Pennsylvania is alarming. Ross says that’s not the case in Blair and surrounding counties, but she is concerned about a recent drop in the number of hospitals proving labor and delivery services.

“Tyrone no longer delivers babies and now , JC Blair,  so there’s a whole big area unfulfilled with different types of care that could cause a problem,” she said.

Ross expects part of the investigation into maternal deaths to focus on  rural areas and  inner cities where women don’t have insurance and often lack access to prenatal care.

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