JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) — Advanced robotic-assisted surgery for joint replacement procedures has been introduced to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center. The medical center hosted a seminar Thursday to showcase the new technology to their patients.

According to Conemaugh Health System, robotic-assisted surgery will allow orthopedic surgeons to perform complex procedures – such as total hip and knee replacements – with added precision, flexibility, and control than with many conventional techniques.

“Robotic surgery is a gamechanger for patients who suffer from hip and knee pain and are ready to improve their range of motion and quality of life,” Vincent E. Vena, MD, board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Conemaugh Health System, said. “Patients benefit from more accurate component placement and less tissue trauma, which often leads to less pain, less blood loss, faster recovery times, and shorter hospital stays.”

The half-ton robot was first introduced in the Conemaugh Health System in October. Dr. Vena is one of the only doctors trained on the machine itself. The goal of the technology is to have more doctors trained on it. Having more doctors trained could mean another machine for the hospital.

“Our goal is to improve patient care, reduce complications,” Dr. Vena said. “This is just another fancy tool new technology that we’re adopting to improve patient care in the long run.”

Currently, the health system only has one robot across the region. Dr. Vena said it’s unclear on the timeline for a second one. However, he said so far, its provided positive results for patients.

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