Community Sending Prayers to Family of 7 Year-Old Killed

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“My friend texted me when I was at Vo Tech and said that his brother was dead and I said I’m sorry to hear this and he pretty much just left me right then,” Dylan Beals, family friend of the 7 year-old boy who was killed, said.  “I understand completely.  I just want to pray for the family.”

That’s Dylan Beals he’s a teenager who’s best friends with the older brother of the 7-year-old who died today in Tyrone.

Dylan says he would see this 7-year-old boy on his bus frequently.
He was always smiling and was a nice kid.

“For that young kid to lose his life just for walking to the bus stop and getting hit, I just, I’m kind of heart broken for the young kid and his family,” Dylan Beals, Family friend of the victim, said.

Dylan isn’t the only one with a heavy heart.  Cathy Harlow, the Superintendent of the Tyrone area school district and the rest of her staff, grieving tonight.

“We’re extremely saddened by the tragic events that occurred this morning with the loss of one of our students,” Harlow said.  “Our prayers and thoughts are with the family at this time.  We’re trying to provide support to our staff and our students and work through the incident as best we can.”

Including her bus driver who did the right thing and called police immediately.

“Our bus driver is to be commended for his actions at the scene,” Harlow said.

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