The Broad Top community and a church in Riddlesburg are trying to help some parents find their 40 year-old daughter, who went missing in Johnstown, October 15th.

Peggy Singer says her daughter Nancy visited her in Coaldale on a Sunday, just like she did a couple of times a week.  She says Nancy was concerned about her marriage and was planning to file a restraining order against her husband the next day.

That day, Nancy was staying with friends in Johnstown, who say she left for a walk and was never seen again.

“We miss her so much,” Peggy Singer, Nancy’s Mother, said.

It’s been 58 days since Peggy’s only child went missing.

“Everyday feels lonely without her calling me.”

Peggy has talked to people in Johnstown and put up flyers around town.

Sergeant Cory Adams, Detective with Johnstown Police, says family and friends have been questioned and dogs and police have searched around Johnstown for Nancy…

Her husband, Brian Giles cooperated with police, saying he doesn’t know where she is, but won’t take a lie detector test.

Two Sundays ago Nancy’s hometown church held a prayer vigil.

“We believe in prayer and prayer changes things, and so we decided to hold a vigil and have the family come,” Tim McIntyre, Pastor at Riddlesburg Church of the Brethren, said.  “A lot of people turned out.”

“It was very emotional, people hugging ya’, telling you that they’re praying for ya’, people coming together, people that you didn’t think would be here and they came,” Peggy said.
She says Nancy was on medication for having seizures, since she was seven.  That’s on her mind too.
Right now Peggy’s hoping for closure…

“I just want to have where I know if she’s alive or dead.  I just want to have that peace I guess.”

Police haven’t ruled out foul play.  Johnstown police plan on using a helicopter to search for Nancy Giles….and ask you to call them if you know anything about what happened to her.