CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — College Township is working to fill what they call a “critical gap” in the Regional Transportation Network.

They’re applying for $1.94 million in federal funding to create a 10-foot-wide shared path for pedestrians and cyclists. The path will run along East College Ave from Puddintown Road to an existing path on Hastings Road.

“It scares me to see pedestrians walking on a four-foot shoulder where people are moving at highway speeds,” said Centre County Commissioner Mark Higgins.

The funding would be matched with $830,000 from the College Township general fund. In total, the project costs $2.77 million.

Centre commissioners signed a letter of support for the grant on Tuesday.

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“Unfortunately with the recent fatality of a cyclist here in our community, it’s, even more, greater that we would really hope that the state hears this application and supports it,” said Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe.