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It’s the time of year where the weather’s bitter and one way to make it worse is to drink alcohol in the cold. It doesn’t actually warm the body up, although it may feel that way.

Penn Highlands Dubois Emergency Medical Director Brian Gates says he sees it all. People are using old wives tales that just don’t work. 

“Don’t drink alcohol outside. It may make you feel warmer but you loose heat rapidly,” says Gates. 

Putting lotion on your face to help stop frost bite is a myth that’s just flat out wrong.  Gates says it can make matters worse, “these can actually speed up the rate of frost bite.” 

For the next myth, we head to Carlson’s Garage in Dubois. Owner Mike Carlson says winter is tough on cars, “the cold weather pretty much brings out the worst in everything.” 

Carlson says if you want to prevent ice on your  windshield, don’t try to cover it with cardboard or a blanket. “Anything that will absorb water will freeze to your windshield. the best thing is that if your wipers do stand up, stand them up over night and then in the morning brush the snow off “

Using boiling water to thaw out ice is a major danger! “Hot water is a no no. Because if you put hot water on a cold windshield- it can crack it,” says Carlson. 

Another myth WTAJ found is to spray the inside of the car door with cooking oil spray to keep it from freezing shut. 
However, Carlson says there are better alternatives. “If you’re going to do something like that, use a spray silicone on the rubber. If you spray pam on it you’re literally putting a layer of grease on it.”

Carlson says it’s best to ask the experts, “If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.” 

He says to shop for the items you actually need at a reputable store to make sure your car runs the best it can in the cold.

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