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A coffee shop in State College in doing so much more than just serving coffee.

If you have ever gotten a cup of joe in State College, you’ve probably stepped foot into one of the many coffee shops, but if you go to Good Day Cafe, you’ll see it’s a little different.

“Good Day Cafe is an example of I think the State College community coming together to provide an employment opportunity for a variety of people with disabilities,” Cindy Pasquinelli said. 

Good Day Cafe provides opportunities for several people with disabilities. Jason Fish is one of the employees and says it’s really just like an employment opportunity for anyone else right down to the application process.

I saw an ad in the newspaper and i decided that since Strawberry Fields has done a lot with other groups ive been part of and i figured i might as well apply for a job where they will keep my disabilities in mind,” he said.

Pasquinelli says it’s really so much more than a place to grab a cup of coffee. Good Day Cafe is a place to make a difference in someone’s life.

What’s so wonderful about all these people being here is their interactions with the public,” Contributor Dr. Roy Love said. “They’re making friends they’re making a contribution when they make a scone or they hand somebody a cup of coffee they feel good about themselves and it really makes a difference.” 

Love was instrumental in bringing Good Day Cafe to State College. He said he can remember the first time he saw a coffee shop like this.

You’re seeing people having a fulfilling job doing some of the things that are simple tasks, but enjoying it because it giving them some place to go out and do it and get paid for their services,” Love said.

Before bring this idea to the non for profit, Strawberry Field that runs Good Day Cafe, Dr. Love asked his nephew if he thought it would make a true difference for folks living with disabilities.

“My nephew works with folks with autism and disabilities, and I asked him does it make a difference for folks with disablities to have work?,’ he said it is like night and day,” Love said.

For Fish who works at the cafe said his customers and colleauges are so much more than just part of his job.

“Here they act like my other extra family,” he said.

Providing jobs for people with disabilities, Good Day Cafe in State College is making a difference one cup of coffee at a time. 

If you’d like to support Good Day Cafe, all you have to do is stop in for a cup of coffee, 7:00 am until 4:30 pm except Sunday.

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