CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Nearly one month into 2022, Coalport Borough has yet to re-organize its borough council, after three failed attempts at doing so. The lack of reorganizing has stifled the borough’s plans to move forward and could cause legal problems down the road,if not resolved soon.

Topics at hand for the first organization meeting include essential operations like paying taxes and resolving issues.
One of those being the resignation of councilman John Shawley earlier this month, which has left just three people at the helm of the borough.

“Without the organization, we cannot move forward as a borough,” said Gerald Spaid Sr., who was elected as tax collector and councilman.

Margaret Madalena was elected mayor, alongside Spaidas tax collector and councilman. Andrew Manges is serving in the other councilman role. Spaid is serving in two roles, something he can legally do, although it is not very common. He said he will not give up his role as councilman unless four people step up to fill the void.

“It’s imperative that I continue as a councilman so we can organize. We can’t even appoint anyone until we organize, and then we can appoint three more seats, or four seats and I can step down,” Spaid said.

The next scheduled meeting for re-organization is Thursday at 7 p.m. at borough council offices. If members of the council are not able to organize then, or soon, it could land in the hands of the county court, where a judge would appoint five community members to serve on the council. That’s something Spaid said will take time.

“Looking at six months before the honorable court could address this.”

Although he does not anticipate a need for the matter to go to court, as he expects Thursday’s meeting to result in the end to this problem, as all three elected members are expected to be in attendance. He urged Coalport residents to step up and serve their town, to avoid future issues like this one.

“Find people that will take the positions. We only have 92 electorates that voted in the last election,” Spaid said.

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