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Petersburg, Huntingdon County, Pa- A longtime Girl Scout Camp that closed more than a year ago could see new life soon.

A local board of volunteers is looking to preserve the memories and values created at Camp Golden Pond, while giving today’s youth a chance to make their own memories at the camp.

To make this happen, they’re looking to buy back the camp through funds donated by the community.

Monday, WTAJ spoke with local women who’ve been at Camp Golden Pond since it was first established in the late 1980’s. They say with all the camp has to offer, it’s worth every effort to open it back up to youth (the long-term goal). In the meantime, efforts are underway to keep the camp clean before it opens.

Monday afternoon, volunteers and a board member for Friends of Golden Pond were in the camp’s kitchen scrubbing shelves and dishes.

“We’re trying to clean the camp up, so it’s back to what fond memories we had, because this is a beautiful camp when it’s clean,” said Maxine Brunner, Volunteer for Friends of Golden Pond.

The former Girl Scout Camp Camp closed in November, 2017 and was sold in December, 2018… a sale which many believe left a void in the area.

“There are no other camps similar to this one in Huntingdon County, what it means, especially for Girl Scouts, they would have to travel over two hours to go to another camp, ” said Sharon Bloom, a Board Member for Friends of Golden Pond.

Brunner added: 

“It’s so far for us to travel to take the girls, and this county is not rich, we don’t have a lot of other resources for museums and things to do, so it’s an opportunity.”

An opportunity that the board hopes will again be available not just to local Girl Scouts, but local youth as well.

“Once we buy back the camp, it will be open to any youth group, not just Girl Scouts. Legacy Lodge has been used for weddings and various public things that people can rent it, so we would promote that more as an income,” Bloom said.

An income that would be used to help sustain the camp. But first, another $630,000 needs to be raised to buy the camp back. To raise this money, the board of director’s is looking for help from the community.

“I think it’s feasible for us to buy this camp. If every girl that’s been here, every parent, grandparent, aunt, anyone who’s been involved or related to the girlscouting that has gone on at this camp, if they simply send us $10… that will add up very quickly,” Bloom said.

The board has created a Go-Fund-Me page that has raised more than $27,000 to help buy the camp. The page’s goal is $50,000.

Those looking to access the page can click the link below:

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