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Tuesday night Several Centre County communities including Ferguson township, Harris ownship, and State College have all declared “snow emergencies.”

That means if you don’t move your car off of the street you could find yourself in trouble.
“I don’t think a lot of the residents understand what their car being left on the road really entails for us,” Steven McDonald, Road Superintendent for Ferguson township.
Road Superintendent for Ferguson township Steven McDonald, says most of their plows are at least fifteen feet wide, which means if even one car is left in the street it can seriously slow down progress when it comes to clearing the roads.

“When there’s a parked car on the road, it means that we have to stop, pick the wind plow, the side plow up and try to very gingerly get around you and then after we’re around you put the wind plow back down,” McDonald said.

If that snow isn’t plowed right away it can create even more problems later on.

“Once those cars are moved you have that great big swath of snow that’s left out on the street that becomes a hazard and it gets hard, so if somebody wants to try to get over to allow other traffic to go by, they can’t make it by,” Chris Albright, Chief with the Ferguson Township Police Department, said.

McDonald says he’s optimistic about this snowstorm because over the years, he’s seen fewer and fewer cars parked on snowy roads.

“When the driving public can work with us it’s just a win-win for everybody,” McDonald, said.

If you don’t move your car during a snow emergency, you will get a ticket and your car could be towed.
Also when you see snow plows out with their flashing yellow emergency lights, you should stay at least 20 feet behind them.


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