Clearfield County commissioners reassess property tax rate

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A proposed increase to the pre-determined tax assessment rate in Clearfield County could see residents’ property tax rate increase from 25%, up to 100%.

The increase comes as many townships and municipalities near a breaking point before heading into a deficit.

“They are close to, or at their statutory maximum as far as being able to raise taxes,” said Clearfield County Commissioner John Sobel.

Due to property taxes being the main source of revenue for the county, this proposed spike is a domino effect of inflation, which has hammered industries across the country recently. Because of these tax hikes, Clearfield County Commissioner Dave Glass said the raising of tax rates is inevitable.

“Everything‘s going up, health insurance is going up, salaries are going up, the cost of everything is going up,” Glass said. “Sooner or later, they are going to have to be tax adjustments.”

If passed, the new property assessment value of 100% would go into effect in 2023. However, approval doesn’t mean an automatic raising of taxes.

“Municipalities will have their chance to look at their budget and make their own decision. This doesn’t mean necessarily that just because we’re going through with this that we’re going to raise taxes,” said Clearfield County Commissioner Tony Scotto.

Many steps remain before a final decision on a tax rate increase is made. Commissioners will hold public comment periods at future meetings.

“If need be, those same municipalities could raise taxes if they had to, if they couldn’t balance their budget through other means,” John Sobel said.

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