CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — In a meeting Tuesday the Clearfield County commissioners responded to the limited services and lack of staffing that affected them the courts on Monday.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Commissioner Dave Glass said the board has already approved raises for two unions as well as the non-union employees two weeks ago but contract negotiations are ongoing. The commissioners said they are on the worker’s side, but said unions are refusing to talk to them.

This has caused the county commissioners to urge workers to come fulfill their duties while the company works on a contract agreement.

“What I want is to make a deal,” Dave Glass, a Clearfield County commissioner said. “I don’t want to concentrate on punishment or consequences as much as I want to sit down and make a deal. That’s what we’re supposed to do in these situations.”

Glass said he thinks raising the wage is a step in the right direction to make competitive wages.

Statement from Commissioner Glass regarding county employee compensation:

“Since I was elected Commissioner in 2019, I have noted the relatively poor pay offered to county employees. It has been my goal to work with my fellow Commissioners, and with the various employee groups, to re-balance the benefit package and offer higher wages which are much more competitive in the current economy. There is still much work to be done all around on this issue. 
I also note that while there have been an extremely high number of sick day call-offs over the past few weeks, to my knowledge no employee has admitted to any organized event. I am not accusing anyone of anything here, but hypothetically speaking… if this event was/is organized among union personnel, I object to it in the strongest terms. Three of our four unsolved contracts involve unions that have arbitration rights, but not strike rights. I have been (and I believe my colleagues have been as well) willing and ready to continue negotiations with all of these union negotiating committees at any time. It was their choice to not provide counteroffers but to instead move to the arbitration process. I also should mention those arbitration hearings are scheduled in the coming weeks. I respect the collective bargaining/arbitration process and would encourage employees – if they have in any way organized a ‘sick-out’ – to honor the process as well, report to work, and remember the duty we all have to provide needed services to our constituents. 
Compared to historical norms, this board has already approved well above normal raises for two unions, as well as the non-union employees as announced two weeks ago. As I said then, I viewed that work as a first step – and I strongly believe we have much more work to do to make our wages competitive. But walking away from negotiations – as the Teamsters’ units have done – does not solve the problems. I urge the union reps to set aside the past and come to the table, so we can negotiate a fair agreement in good faith. 
DISCLAIMER- this statement does NOT represent the Board of Commissioners as a whole, or anyone other than myself.”