Class ring from 1962 found in Hawaii, returned to owner

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PATTON, CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A trip to Hawaii turned into another adventure when a family from Oklahoma found a class ring from Cambria County.

The ring was found here in Oahu, Hawaii

“I’m kind of a treasure hunter I guess,” Mary Butterfield, who found the ring, said. “I was looking at all the little crevasses of the rocks and there it was.”

With no ties to Pennsylvania, the family turned to social media in hopes of finding the owner of the 1962 class ring from Cambria Heights High School in Patton.

A picture of the class ring from 1962

“I didn’t think we would find out who it belonged to,” Adam Butterfield said. “I posted it on my Facebook and tons of people shared it, but we still weren’t really getting the response we wanted,” Mary continued. “So I posted it on a Cambria Heights parent’s school page and it just blew up from there.”

The post took off with more than a thousand shares and hundreds of comments.

The initials engraved inside the ring, JAF, helped to narrow down the search. It wasn’t long before the owner was identified as Judith Fox.

The post made on social media got 1,600 shares

Her son said she has never even been to Hawaii, so how did her class ring get there? Apparently she gave it to a boy who was in the marines.

“I too gave my class ring to a boy and never got it back so maybe someday someone will return mine,” Mary said. “I doubt it’s at a cool place like Hawaii. It’s probably in a pond in Oklahoma, but maybe it will come back to me one day too.”

A ring that was missing for almost 60 years is now back to its rightful owner thanks to the power of social media and good people looking to do the right thing.

Mary said she sent the ring back to Judith, who has since moved from PA, with a letter and some pictures of where they found it.

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