City testing parking changes to decrease hit and runs

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Due to of the number of hit and runs that happen along Chestnut Street in St. Marys, the city is testing some experimental parking.

The city closed two parking meters along Chestnut St. Four meters at the post office were switched from 15 minute parking to two-hour parking.

Some of the residents said they won’t even park here because of damage done to their cars.

“A car or a vehicle took my mirror off here a little over a year ago and no one left a note or anything, so I’ll never park here again,” St. Marys resident Dan Zimmett said.

“A buddy of mine’s mirror got taken off just last week. It’s an ongoing thing going on here in this area,” another resident said.

For some, though, they think taking away two meters isn’t a good decision for the busy street.

“I don’t know why they want to close the meters,” resident Rock Hoffman said. “I mean you’re taking away parking. If you take this away, you’ll have a problem at the other street on the back of this place.”

The city said that if this experiment works, they will be removing these meters permanently.

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