City of St. Marys offers new parking payment options

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The City of St. Marys is making it easier for residents to pay for parking.

City officials announced they are now using Meter Feeder– an app that allows you to pay for parking from your smartphone.

All the meters in the city will be able to be paid for with the app or coins.

The app also allows residents to pay for tickets.

It costs about 83 cents for a minimum of two hours of parking.

“It’s a really nice, versatile way to have parking,” St. Marys public relations officer Hannah Brock said. “It’s one less thing you have to worry about. You’re in the movie theater, you’re in a store, you can just click that instead of having to come out to the meter and actually put the coins in.”

The Meter Feeder app is available to download on both the Apple and Google app stores.

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