Chester Hill Residents Waiting For FEMA To Assess Flood Damage

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Chester Hill, Pa- Locals in mobile homes may not be eligible for all the funding FEMA offers… Local officials are looking currently working to help get as much funding as possible.

But, they’re having trouble meeting a FEMA threshold that guarantees small interest loans to those impacted by flooding, without flooding insurance. The threshold requires 25 uninsured destroyed homes.

Local officials are finding that the trailer homes in Chester Hill, while uninsured for floods, are owned by one person, which counts as one towards the 25 needed.

Each renter is counted for their possessions…. which basically means they can receive funding for what’s inside the home, but not the home itself.

As of Monday, officials are not sure if they will reach that threshold of 25.

For those here who do have flood insurance, they have to wait to begin the cleanup until FEMA can arrive to assess the damage…which is causing frustration.

“I’m in limbo right now, I’m waiting to see what they determine all this is,” said Louis Hutton, a Chester Hill homeowner.

When Hutton says “this”, she means the heavy flooding her house, where she lived for over 50 years, took on. The water has since receded from her home, but she has to wait to clean up and has gotten little help doing the small things she can.

“There’s only one borough guy that has helped us constantly through other problems and this one too, but it seems like everybody else wants sit and watch their computers… They don’t realize, what happens after the water,” Hutton said.

This includes residual problems like mold, which is already growing on Hutton’s walls…. add that to concerns of sewage and gas contaminants spread by the flooding and she doesn’t feel comfortable living in her home…

“I have flood insurance, but because of the contaminants that might be in it, i don’t think it would be safe to live here,” she said.

WTAJ spoke with officials who said they were unsure exactly when FEMA representatives will arrive here in Chester Hill.

Until then, there’s not much locals can do but wait, help each other out, and hope it doesn’t flood again.

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