Centre Foundation picks grant winners

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At the end of every year Centre Foundation, a supporter of donors and non-profits in State College, awards “Field of Interest funds”.

These funds are meant to go to one specific organization, but to help a project or a cause a donor is passionate about.

This year they received a record-breaking 75 applications and handed out another record-breaking $57,000 to 14 causes.

“It’s always a challenge to pick, select from that group of all really worthy causes, but we’re really excited to be able to support so many great programs across the county, that will impact residents from every corner,” Rachael Hartman, Grants & Community Impact Coordinator for Centre Foundation, said.

A few examples of the funds that were chosesn are: The Patricia Farrell music fund that supports local music programs, and the counseling service inc. Fund that helps organizations that give mental health counseling.

The Ben Franklin fund was chosen too that fund came from Franklin’s will that he left to Philadelphia.  That money has been invested and now benefits programs at community foundations around the state.

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