CENTRE COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — The Centre County Sheriff’s Office says they’ve received multiple calls from individuals who are being scammed and reminding the community not to give any personal information or money to scammers.

Police say that the most recent scam, which they reported started Friday, Jan. 21, in which victims are being told they failed to appear for jury duty on a high-profile case. The scam continues to say there is a warrant for their arrest, then ask for prepaid Visa cards and to provide them over the phone. Then, while still on the phone, they are to go to the Centre County Court House Annex in person, once at the Annex the scammer gets the Visa Card information and drops the call.

In addition to this scam, Centre County Sheriff’s Office reports two others that are similar, both in relation to their office, over the last six months

In the second scam, police say that callers/scammers are spoofing the Centre County Sheriff’s Office phone number, and the caller is a male speaking with a heavy accent. When they make their calls, the scammer claims the victim missed a Child Abuse Case Hearing or similar hearing. He then provides victims with a fake case number, asks for them to go to the Sheriff’s office and that $5,000 be sent using Apple Pay.

The third scam is similar to the second, but the scammer claims to be Sergeant Richard Hoover or Sheriff Sampsel from The Centre County Sheriff’s Office. They are spoofing the Centre County Sheriff’s Office phone number and in some cases claiming the victims are expert witnesses in a case that they did not appear to and they need to reach out to Judge Matthew Brann. In this instance, some victims also received text messages from 814-426-6761 in regards to the scam.

Police say that if you do receive any of these calls, do not give any personal information away, including your bank information. Do not complete money orders, transfer money, or purchase any kind of money card. The Centre County Sheriff’s Office will not contact you in this way and will not ask you to transfer money or ask for personal/bank account information.

To contact the Centre County Sheriff’s Office for questions or information on this matter call 814-355-6803.

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