CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Port Matilda man who pleaded guilty to raping four Penn State students has been sentenced in a Centre County court Friday.

Jeffrey Fields, 37, was sentenced to 29.5 to 61 years in prison after pleading guilty to 17 of his 19 charges in March.

Fields was arrested in July 2020 after DNA connected him to four different rapes of Penn State students between 2010 and 2017. Each of the victims were between 19 and 20 years old.

According to the Commonwealth’s Sentencing Memorandum, the rapes were as follows:

The first rape happened back in August 2010 when the first victim was walking to her apartment. She was assaulted and raped by Fields before she made it home.

The second rape happened in January 2011 when the second victim got into a vehicle. Fields was in the vehicle and forced her into having sex with him.

The third rape was less than three months later in April 2011. The third victim was walking home in the early morning hours when Fields approached and asked if she needed help. He then grabbed her and pulled her behind a building to rape her.

The fourth rape happened in July 2017, more than six years after the last known rape he was involved in. The fourth victim was walking in the morning when Fields grabbed her and shoved her against a wall to rape her.

“The only peace I will ever be able to hold is if there is no chance of him harming another person. I can only find peace knowing that the four of us can live in a world without him in it.”

-Victim #4

Each of the women expressed to the court about the pain and suffering not only to them but also to their loved ones. One of the women said, “my mom was shattered completely.”

They expressed the fear they’ve carried all of these years from being unable to sleep with a single door or window unlocked, to the constant feeling of trauma and the PTSD that Fields instilled in them.

Fields will be seeing a minimum of 29 and a half years behind bars for these crimes he has pleaded guilty to.

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The State College Police used Genetic Genealogy Screening, which included samples from relatives, to identify Fields as the suspect. Fields DNA then matched the DNA from all four cases.